Occupational Therapy

Are you or a loved one experiencing difficulties with daily living activities? Be it due to an illness, old age, a mental health condition, or a learning disability, our occupational therapists at Affinity Home Health Care, Inc., are here to help you. With a thorough assessment, our occupational therapists can help you improve, recover, or uphold, your independence with the use of different occupational therapy techniques, altering your environment, and by using suitable equipment.

With our trained and licensed occupational therapists, we can:

doctor assisting his patient in exercise

  • Assess your condition and apply appropriate occupational therapies
  • Assess your living, school, or work environment and recommend changes that can help make your daily living easier
  • Recommend suitable devices and equipment that can help improve your condition/situation
  • Teach you different coping strategies

Our compassionate occupational therapists will make sure to provide you with appropriate occupational therapy interventions, exercises, and equipment that will definitely help improve your daily living. Moreover, our occupational therapists will make sure to personalize each therapy session to meet your exact needs and requests as well.
For more information, please don’t think twice about calling 773-980-1005 / 847-673-2043. You may also leave us an email at affinitymail@yahoo.com. We would be happy to make arrangements with you today!