Physical Therapy

Are you consistently experiencing body pain? Were you injured while playing sports and are currently experiencing discomfort? Are you experiencing mobility issues? No matter what your circumstance is, if you need or think that you might need physical therapy, Affinity Home Health Care, Inc. is here for you.

With our trained and licensed physical therapists, we can:

doctor assisting his patient in moving his arm

  • Assess your injury or situation and perform appropriate physical therapy interventions
  • Improve or regain your mobility
  • Help you recover from a stroke
  • Help manage your diabetes with appropriate exercises
  • Lessen or completely eliminate pain
  • Manage age-related physical concerns (e.g. osteoporosis, arthritis, and etc.)

Using various physical therapy interventions, exercises, and equipment, our physical therapists can offer so much more than what is listed above. Additionally, our physical therapists will make sure to personalize each therapy session to meet your exact needs and requests as well.
For more information, please don’t think twice about calling 773-980-1005 / 847-673-2043. You may also leave us an email at We would be happy to make arrangements with you today!